Actron Serene 5kw split system

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If you are looking for affordable comfort for specific areas of your premises, our sleek and stylish Serene series is the answer.

The Serene range of premium wall hung split systems is designed for Australian conditions, with the widest operating range on the market, all while delivering a product that is the easiest to install, service and maintain.

Easy on the eye
With a matte finish and slim-lined light grey backing, Serene’s styling makes sure it’s a complementary addition to any interior.
Easy reading
A concealed LED display provides easy to read temperature settings when you need it, and a clean uncluttered finish when you don’t.
Strikingly simple
Unlike our competitors who enclose their master switches inside wall units, our Serene has an easy to access external on/off switch should your remote ever go missing.
Go with your flow
With Multi-directional Airflow, you can set ‘up and down’ or ‘left to right’ airflow straight from your remote controller, or set to swing mode to condition the room faster. Serene also remembers your last set position for maximum convenience.
Comfy in a hurry
The Turbo Zone feature powers up the Serene to full capacity to get to your ideal comfort level fast.