Homegas qualified technicians are expertly trained in gas heater servicing & repairs.

Most faults can be fixed with a common service. Most manufactures of Gas Portable Heaters recommend servicing every year to two years.

Gas Portable Heaters are unflued and therefore the emissions are discharged into the room. Servicing your heater will make sure your heater is working as efficiently as possible.

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Gas Portable Heater Service Includes

  • Overall operational assessment of your heater.
  • Remove and clean all filters.
  • Cleaning of all internal dust build up from the fan and internal working of unit (removal of cover for access)
  • Inspect gas injectors for correct size and operation.
  • Inspect air intake for blockages and clear if necessary
  • Run heater for operational assessment
  • Inspection of Hose and Bayonet
  • Check your appliance is working to correct safety standards.
Gas Portable Heater Service


Why you should get your heater serviced?

Getting your gas heater tested and cleaned regularly by an approved service technician can improve efficiency. Also, it helps ensure safe operation, minimises any failure risk and increases the life of your gas heater to prevent replacement. If you have an unflued gas heater, the emissions are discharged into the room which can affect your health. Servicing your heater will make sure it is working as efficiently & safely as possible.

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How often should you get your heater serviced?

Most manufactures of Gas Portable Heaters recommend servicing every two to three years. However, we recommend servicing your heater every year before winter hits to ensure it is working safely and efficiently.

How much does a service cost?

A full service and safety check is $185 inc. GST

How are we being Covid safe?

We have now set up all our vans to do mobile servicing. Our tradesmen will undertake the service in their vans to reduce the time in your house. However, our tradesmen will need to enter your house after the service to complete the safety check.

To avoid all contact, we can also service your heater at our workshop. You will need to drop off your heater at our showroom, and we will give you a call once the service is done to come and pick it up.

Additional steps that we are taking include:

  • We guarantee that the only tradesmen working in your home are healthy and symptom-free. If any of our tradesmen show symptoms they will be sent home.

  • Our tradesmen are all equipped with face masks and will wear these within your house on request.

  • Our tradesmen are also equipped with new gloves on each job and have their own hand sanitiser.

  • Our team has been instructed to maintain a 1.5m distance at all times.