Homegas qualified technicians are expertly trained in gas log fire servicing & repairs.

Most faults can be fixed with a common service. Most manufactures of Gas Log Fires recommend servicing every  two years.

An unsafe gas log fire will pollute your home with toxic fumes, by properly maintaining and servicing your fire, you will ensure it is running safely and efficiently

Gas Log Fire Service Includes

  • Conduct an overall inspection of fire
  • Clean media
  • Clean glass
  • Clean burner and injectors
  • Check and adjust ignition / pilot
  • Remove and clean fan
  • Vacuum fire
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Inspect flue and terminal
  • Test for carbon monoxoide
  • Test operation of fire and any safety devices
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Why you should get your gas fire serviced?

Getting your gas fire tested and cleaned regularly by an approved service technician can improve efficiency. Also, it helps ensure safe operation, minimises any failure risk and increases the life of your gas fire.

How often should you get your fire serviced?

Most manufactures of gas log fires recommend servicing every two to three years. However, we recommend servicing your heater every year before winter hits to ensure it is working safely and efficiently.

How are we being Covid safe?

Steps that we are taking include:

  • We guarantee that the only tradesmen working in your home are 100% healthy and symptom-free. If any of our tradesmen show symptoms they will be sent home.

  • Our tradesmen are all equipped with face masks and will wear these within your house on request.

  • Our tradesmen are also equipped with new gloves on each job and have their own hand sanitiser.

  • Our team has been instructed to maintain a 1.5m distance at all times.

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Gas Log Fire Service

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