Gas Ducted Heating Systems

Ducted gas heating is a highly popular way to heat your entire home using a single unit.

It is a ducted heating system consisting of a heater and a series of ducts connected either in the roof or under the floor to each room. The natural gas used in those cooler months is an energy-efficient way to maintain a comfortable temperature.

ducted gas heating

How does Ducted Gas Heating Work?

Gas Ducted Heating System draws air through the heater from inside your house, where it is heated. A fan drives it through the outlets and duct network into the rooms of your home, in the form of a constant, gentle supply of warm air.

The controller continuously tracks the air temperature and controls the Gas Ducted Heating system to ensure a consistently warm temperature in the house. The heater modulates the gas on our higher performance models so that only a small amount of energy is required to maintain the room at your ideal level of comfort as the home heats up.

The heater unit turns off after your home reaches your desired temperature. The fan then gradually comes to a stop, ensuring that all available heat is used inside the unit.

Benefits of using zoning?

Reduce your energy costs
Switching off unused zones not only helps reach your set temperature faster, but will also save you lots on your energy bill. Adjusting your comfort levels moderately can also make big changes to your energy bill.

Save money
A large home may require, for example 20kW system to effectively heat or cool the entire home. In consultation with a dealer, you may find that you will only ever use half your rooms at any one time – hence a 10kW system would suit. Providing a significant up-front cost saving and minimising running costs.

Get more comfortable quicker
With the option of Brivis Networkers in every zone, you no longer need to rely on one central Networker managing your entire home. Controlling your climate is only ever a few steps away.

ducted heating

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